Gdansk Travel Tips – currency, ATMs and tipping in Gdansk

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The currency in Gdansk, just like in the whole of Poland is Polish Zloty . Polish zloty are are available in the following denominations (banknotes): 10/20/50/100/200.

Here are some Gdansk travel tips. ATMs (bankomat in Polish) are easily available all over Gdansk and it is advisable to withdraw from an ATM attached to a bank than rom stand alone ATMs for security purposes. Also, withdrawing money from a debit card will result is lesser transaction fees than credit card withdrawals. Certain ATMs around Gdansk offer the option to pay using 'home currency’. We strongly suggest avoiding this option as it converts the international rate authorised by your bank which maybe higher than the local exchange rates. Instead select 'local currency’ for the standardised Dynamic Currency Conversion (DCC).

Where to change money in Gdansk?

Kantor is the name of currency exchange in Poland and in Gdansk of course. There are plenty of KANTORs in Old Town. You will find currency exchange at the airport and in shopping centres as well. There is no commission on changing money in Poland.

Gdansk travel tips. Tipping in Gdansk

It is common to leave a 10% tip in Gdansks restaurants and for most services, provided one is satisfied with the service. If you’re not happy with the service and don’t consider it tipping-worthy. You have the flexibility of not tipping and getting away without any curses. Since taxi drivers here are considered to be notorious with tourists in particular, tipping taxi drivers in Gdansk is not a norm. However, if you are lucky enough to have landed a gentleman, you are more than welcome to say a polite ‘dziękuję’ (thank you) and leave a 5-10% tip

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