Bismarck Varzin manor house

Varzin Bismarck ManorBismarck Varzin manor house still exist!

Otto von Bismarck Varzin manor house. The iron chancellor of German Empire used to spend summertime in his residence in Varzin / Warcino in Polish.

Bismarck loved country life in Varzin. “Wherever one hears the woodpecker, that’s when I’m at my best,” he once said.

Bismarck palace complex is located in the south-western part of the town, on the terrace-shaped, picturesque hill. Residence is surrounded by a large park with numerous old-growth trees. The complex consists of a residential building, gatehouse with outbuildings and a park. Picturesque, three-wing body with a high tower, decorative gables and numerous avant-corps and terraces were covered with roofs of different forms and height.

Varzin manor
Varzin manor

Bismarck Varzin house is located in Poland, Pomeranian voivodship. The distance from Gdansk to Varzin or Warcino is 150 km. It takes roughly 2 hours from Gdansk to Warcino village. The manor was possessed of the Bismarck family until 1945. In 1945 Red Army hospital was located there.

After WW2 the Bismarcks manor house in Warcino was converted into a forestry college which still exist there. The remains of Bismarck heritage are still there. Many of the pieces of furniture and objects recall the iron chancellor. A huge depiction of Bismarck’s horse, Schmetterling, on manor outer wall. Some parts of the original interior and manor park are preserved. Check out to get more information about tour to Varzin and Bismarck.