Solidarity Museum in Gdansk
Solidarity Museum Gdansk

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Solidarity Museum in Gdansk

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Solidarity Museum in Gdansk.

Guiding in Solidarity Museum takes up to 3 hours. The distance from Old Town is around 15 minutes by walk. That’s why this is a walking tour.

More about Solidarity and communist period in Poland

Solidarity Museum is located in the place where formerly was shipyard in Gdansk. The Lenin Shipyard in Gdansk is a part of the city’s modern history. Right here in 1980, the first free trade union behind the iron cutain was born. Lech Walesa and his associates began a strike in August 1980 and changed the world’s history.

Visiting Solidarity Musem with me will give you more than just pure facts. I will show you what happened in Gdansk in 1980’s from my personal perspective. In 1980’s I was a child and my primary school was just 400 meters from the Lenin Shipyard.

I was born in Gdansk in 1978. I was to young to remember  August 1980 and strikes in Lenin Shipyard. But I have experienced what was happening in Gdansk during martial law in 1981-1983 and during strikes in 1988. The background of my childhood was the end of communism and rise of democracy in Poland.

Solidarity Museum building is covered by Weathering steel or COR-TEN steel. It looks very indurstial but inside you will find winter garden with olive trees which are symbolising peace.

If you want to spend more time exploring fall of communism choose one day communism and Solidarity trip

Visiting the Lenin Shipyard and Solidarity Center is an unforgettable experience for everyone who is interested in transition to Democracy in Eastern Block countries.


  • Meeting point in your hotel reception
  • 90-120 minutes guided tour of the Solidarity exhibition at the European Solidarity Centre
  • A walk around the Lenin Shipyard in Gdansk


  • Entrance tickets to Solidarity Museum
  • Visit to BHP hall
  • Local guide

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Solidarity Museum Gdansk

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