Communism, 1980 Solidarity in Gdansk
Solidarity Museum Gdansk

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Communism, 1980 Solidarity in Gdansk

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Solidarity in Gdansk and communism regime in Poland one day trip.

Solidarity in Gdansk one day tour is the best chance to visit variuos places related to time of communism in Gdańsk.

More about communism and Solidarity times in Gdansk.

Communism regime and Solidarity in Gdansk trip is about the time when Poland was part of Eastern Bolck. Poland became a communist country after WW2. Soviet Russians imposed communism against the will of Poles. After period of terror in late 1940’s and 1950’s communism became less oppressive in 1960’s. Despite of that many dissidents were still imprisoned and freedom of speach was a theory.

Solidarity trade union and number of strikes and demonstrations in 1970’s and 1980’s were consequences of incompetent governance of Polish communists. They didn’t want to realize challenges wich Poles experienced each day. Poles used to adapt to realities but frustration grew up and exploded many times.

Choose Solidarity Museum sightseeing with private guide if you don’t have enough time for one day trip.

The trip shows you many places in Gdansk which will move you 50 years back to the communist period. During the tour we will not only walk. We will drive to communist districts of Zaspa and Przymorze which were created in 1960’s and 1970’s. We will se famous Falowiec, extremally long block of flats.

Did you know one of the longest buildings in Europe was built in Gdansk? Falowiec (the Wave block) was created on the beninning of 1970’s. It is more than 900 meters long block of flats characterised by its length and wavy shape. There are almost 1400 apartaments in Falowiec.

During the trip we will have a lunch break and taste most popular Polish dishes, for instance pierogi, żurek soup or other examples of Polish cuisine.

Communism, 1980 Solidarity in Gdansk and Lech Walesa history. A visit to Solidarity Museum is recommended for anyone who to learn about fascinating history of strikes in Lenin Shipyard in Gdansk. Gdansk of today is the city of freedom. It is full of relicts showing the struggle and price which the Poles had to pay for it.


  • Morning  –  3 hours: 1,5 hour guided tour of the Solidarity exhibition at the European Solidarity
    • visit in the Lenin Shipyard area and historical BHP Hall
    • lunch: Polish Pierogi
  • Afternoon – Tour of Gdansk 2,5 hours:
    • Bus trip through the architectural utopia of communist districts in Gdansk
    • Sites and monuments of anti-communist protests from 1970s and 1980s
    • The White House in Gdansk – historical headquarters of the Communist Party
    • St. Bridget’s Church – a haven of Solidarity


  • Entrance ticket to Solidarity Museum
  • Visit to BHP Hall
  • Local guide
  • Bus transport
  • Lunch

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