Battle of Heilsberg, 10 of June 1807

Heilsberg Castle

Battle of Heilsberg or battle of Lidzbark Warminski was the largest Napoleonic battle fought in the field in today’s Poland. Do you know what has happened on 10th of June 1807 close to Heilsberg? I am not sure if you have heard about Battle of Heilsberg. It was one significant moments during War of Fourth […]

Siege of Danzig 1807 and it’s consequences.

Siege of Danzig

Siege of Danzig 1807 and it’s consequences Did you know that Gdańsk, known as Danzig in German, was a free city not once, but twice! The Siege of Danzig in 1807 has opened the new, French chapter in Gdansks history. The first Napoleonic Free City of Danzig 1807-1813. Gdansk or Danzig was one of the […]