WW2 in Gdansk and Stutthof private bus trip

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WW2 in Gdansk and Stutthof private bus trip

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WW2 day trip is the most compelxed tour concerning outbreak od World War 2 in Gdansk and Pomernia region. I have designed the program of the tour based on preferences of many visitors who came to Gdansk in search of traces of WW2.

WW2 trip gives you an unique chance to explore and understand better the political and ethnic situation in Free City of Danzig in 1939 in one day.

Free City of Danzig was established in November 1920 and existed until September 1939. In Septemter 1939 Nazis abolished the Free City and incorporated the area into Nazi Germany, the Third Reich.

Here is a review from one of groups who have booked WW2 trip:
May 2022 we had an excellent tour around the polish post office, Stutthof and Westerplatte. Maciej had great knowledge about the WW2 but also the Polish- and political history but also culture. He is very passionated and dedicated in sharing his knowledge and even though it is a horrible and sad past, it really makes you reflect; the point is for us to learn about global altruism and not let the history repeat itself.
During the day we also had lunch with sea view and sun, where we got a traditional polish soup. We enjoyed the whole day with a great spirit.”
Kasper, Denmark

The history of WW2 is inseparably linked with Gdańsk.
The biggest global military conflict began here on 1 September 1939 with the first shots fired in Westerplatte peninsula and in front of the Polish Post Office. The war ended for the city in March 1945 when it was almost completely razed by the Red Army soldiers. Physical extermination of the Polish and Jewish population began right on the 1st of September 1939. Its traces are the mass graves in surrounding forests and the first nazi concentration camp in Stutthof.

Have you heard about the Free City of Danzig during Napoleon era? Here is more information in article about Siege of Danzig and Napoleonic Free City of Danzig 1807-1813

Museum of Second World War is worth to visit. Be ready for long stay because of 5 000 square meters exibition.


  • Morning:
    • 1 hour transfer by bus to Stutthof Concentration Camp Museum
    • Visit in the Stutthof Museum
    • Return to Gdansk
    • Lunch
  • Afternoon
    • Remains of WW2 in Gdansk Old Town
      • Victoria School
      • Polish post office building
      • Bunkers and ruins
    • Visit to Westerplatte peninsula – the place where WW2 began


  • Bus transportation
  • Local guide
  • Entrance tickets
  • Lunch in a local restaurant

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