West Prussia and Otto von Bismarck

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West Prussia and Otto von Bismarck

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Otto von Bismarck tour will move you 150 years back to 1870’s. In those days Gdansk was named Danzig and whole region was part of Germany. Nowadays Polish Pommerania was German West Prussia until 1918.

What is the tour about? Of course Otto von Bismarck is a leding topic, but you will discover how politics has changed around 1870. That time the modern German state was built and Bismarck was a key person of this process. West Prussia was a region where Bismarck spent many time. Here, around Danzig/Gdansk there was still majority of Poles and Kashubians.

West Prussia region was a place where German authorities introduced Germanization and kulturkampf to decrise number of Poles living there. One of examples of Germanization were restrictions on the speaking of Polish as well as its education in schools. This process took a few decades but the result was the opposite of what was intended. The result of such Germanization policies stoked nationalism in Prussia’s Polish citizens’ was continued resistance to assimilation.

West Prussia & Bismarck trip is a tailor made trip. It is up to you how much time do you want to spend exploring the places related to Otto von Bismarck and his era. 2 days will be perfect but 1 day will be enough for a short tour visit to Warcino and Kaszuby region.

During the trip you will visit places related to Otto von Bismarck life. We will drive to Warcino where he spent many summer holidays. In Gdansk you will see traces of Prussian/German period such a fortifications, barracks or machine guns factory facilities. Imagine that part of Prussian fortfications in Gdansk is adapted to a science & culture center for children and youth called Hevelianum.

Chancellor Otto von Bismarck and Prussia history. The Prussian and German period in Pomerania is particularly interesting because of Otto von Bismarck who was one of the most eminent European politicians of the 19th century, and who is still a fascinating and controversial character. He chose Pomerania as his living place and bought a mansion in Warcino/Varzin. It was there where he sought refuge from intensive political life, welcomed European leaders, hunted and strolled over neighboring forests.



Day 1 – Gdansk:

  • Prussian fortifications – examples of 19th century architecture
  • Prussian military barracks complexes

Day 2:

  • Visit to Warcino/ Varzin, Bismarck’s mansion
  • Temple in Kolczyglowy – the location of the „Iron Chancellor” wedding with Joanna Puttkamer


  • Bus transport
  • Local guide
  • Entrance tickets
  • Lunch & dinner
  • 3 or 4 stars hotel

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