Jewish Gdansk & Stutthof Concentration Camp one day trip

Jewish Gdansk & Stutthof Concentration Camp one day trip

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Jewish Gdansk & Stutthof Concentration Camp one day tour.

Discover the historical sites of the Jewish heritage in Gdansk on a walk & bus tour with a knowledgeable certified English speaking guide. You’ll learn about history og Jews in Gdansk as you visit the Old Cemetery and the only remained synagogue in Gdansk Wrzeszcz district and other sites. Take a private minibus to explore the Old Jewish Cemetery in Gdansk, which dates back to the 16th century.

Jewish Gdansk
Jewish Cementary in Gdansk, Poland

In contrast to Kraków or Warszawa, number of  w the number of  Jewish inhabitants in Gdansk was very small. Untill the beginning of 19th century most Jews lived outside city borders. In 19th and up to 1939  Jews were not more than 5% of Gdansk population. Many of them were lawyers, teachers, merchants or artists. Gdansk Jews were a significant part of the local population untill late 1930’s. As a result of discrimination politics of German Nazi aothorities in Free City of Danzig, many of them emigrated to Poland, England and other countries.

Jewish Camp Stutthof
Jewish Camp Memorial in Stutthof Concentration Camp

During the trip you will visit Stutthof Concentration Camp Museum located 40 km east. On Jewish Camp site burned by Germans in May 1945 you will see memorial dedicated to Jewish prisoners. Most of Jews in Stutthof Concentration Camp were transported from Baltic states (Estonia, Latvia and Luthuania), Bialystok ghetto, Łódź ghetto and form Auschtwitz Concentration Camp.


  • Morning:
    • 1 hour transfer by bus to Stutthof Concentration Camp Museum
    • Visit in the Stutthof Museum
    • Return to Gdansk
    • Lunch
  • Afternoon
    • Remains of Jewish heritage in Gdansk Old Town
    • remains of Old Jewish Cementery
    • synagogue in Gdansk Wrzeszcz


  • pick up and drop-off from any place in Gdansk, Sopot & Gdynia
  • Bus tranport
  • Entrance tickets to Stutthof Concentration Camp cinema
  • Local guide
  • Lunch

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